Mark-RichardsonThere can’t be too many drummers in the world that put as much energy through their drum kit as Skunk Anansie’s Mark Richardson, and this inevitably leads to the dreaded de-tuning.

‘Having tried every available lug lock on the market and finding that none if them worked for any length of time, I asked drum designer Mike Bigwood if he could help. Between us we designed and manufactured ‘Tuner Fish Lug Locks.’

A Tuner Fish lug lock is a fish shaped attachment with a star shaped cavity in the body that fits over the top of the tuning rod, so that the “tail” rests against the hoop, effectively locking it in place. Using a Tuner Fish Secure Band you can attach them to the rod ensuring that they stay on even on the resonant side.  Made from durable polycarbonate, they are extremely durable and very strong and you can expect your drums to stay in tune even after many performances and hours of intense recording.

The London Drum Show 2013 saw the re-launch of Tuner Fish with new branding and exciting new colours….. Stay Tuned!