Mike Dolbear

Mike DolbearMark Richardson from Skunk Anansie and Feeder is a hard hitter. A VERY hard hitter. I was involved in an experiment a few years back where he was put in a room and the volume of his playing was measured to see what sort of level he was hitting. Now, unfortunately I cant remember the peak measurements, but what I can remember was that he was so loud that he was the same volume through two closed doors and two layers of glass as a ‘normal’ drummer was in the same room with the doors open … read the rest of this review on Mike’s website

John Watt

John WattNow I know drum tuning can be a pain, and that’s not just when you’re learning! Tuning is a big thing for all of us as drummers and it’s something I work on with all of my students as it’s a very valuable and often overlooked skill. It’s something that some of us spend a long time developing and whilst some of us can tune up a kit in record time there are plenty of us (drummers, technicians and engineers alike) who put in a serious amount of time to make a drum sound it’s very best …read the rest of this review on John’s website


Joe Crabtree

Joe CrabtreeBefore Tuner Fish I’d be tuning up my snare 4 or 5 times per show. With five Tuner Fish on the tension rods nearest me I’ve just done 25 shows on a US tour and I haven’t used my drum key for anything other than putting the bass drum beater in the pedal. That essentially means an infinite percentage decrease in re-tuning. Not bad for some little plastic fish!

Thank you for inventing something so awesome (a word that’s over used over here but totally applicable to your product).


Drum Gear Review


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Detuning is a real problem for thousands of drummers – even among those who aren’t typical hard hitters. It’s the unfortunate result of an imperfectly designed mechanism (the drum lug) that is subject to backup under vibration. There are dozens of products on the market designed to combat detuning, but few are as simple, elegant and effective as the British-born Tuner Fish Lug Locks we’re checking out in today’s review.

Before we get to the details, I really want to say that I love products like this – small, inexpensive gadgets or accessories that correct a problem with little to no fuss. I really appreciate the commitment to developing practical solutions for actual problems drummers face daily that don’t cost a fortune. Hats off, TF.  Read More